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    De laatste technieken voor een kwalitatief hoogwaardige teelt.

  • Het eindproduct

    Het eindproduct

    Onze gesorteerde paprika's gaan direct vers van de kar naar de afnemer.

  • Gebr van der Lelij

    Gebr van der Lelij

  • Warmte bronnen

    Warmte bronnen

    Wkk Met buffer

Organic control

We control diseases and pests in a responsible manner. Organic control means controlling diseases and plagues by means of useful organisms (natural enemies) and other natural means. These consist of predatory mite, gall midges, ichneumon wasps, nematodes, fungi and bacteria.


These organic measures have to be taken early in the season, so the insects and other organisms have time to grow a strong population. This has a preventive function. In case, for example, a red spider mite plague breaks out, there will already be enough natural enemies present to eat them.


Natural control

  • Predatory mite
  • Gall midges
  • Ichneumon wasps
  • Nematodes
  • Fungi
  • Bacteria