• Kwaliteit hoog in het vaandel

    Kwaliteit hoog in het vaandel

    Een nauwkeurige raskeuze en het met de hand sorteren dragen bij aan kwaliteitsproducten voor de Europese markt.

  • Innovatief


    De laatste technieken voor een kwalitatief hoogwaardige teelt.

  • Het eindproduct

    Het eindproduct

    Onze gesorteerde paprika's gaan direct vers van de kar naar de afnemer.

About us

It is in our blood

In 1914 Izaak van der Lelij bought 2 hectares of land. Here he built 5 greenhouses and on the remaining land he placed a simple construction of glass plates. He grew lettuce, cucumbers, melons, spinach, endive, cauliflower, chrysanthemums and hydrangeas. Later he added tomatoes, grapes and peaches. His eldest son Arie and his youngest Izaak (Sjaak) became growers. At first both on one hectare, later they started working together.

Both sons of Arie also became growers: Izaak (Its) and Jan. They started on the Noordweg in Wateringen; where they grew tomatoes and sweet peppers. In 1970, 12,000 m2 of land where purchased at the Poeldijkseweg in Wateringen. The piece of land at the Noordweg was sold in 1976. In the same year, grounds where bought from Degeling along the Poeldijkseweg. At this time the firm had 24,000 m2 of “glass”. These gardens where renewed in the course of the years. In 1985 the neighbours property was bought, so the area increased to be 36,000 m2.

Since 2001 the brothers Arjan and Izaak van der Lelij grow their produce at the Veenakkerweg in Den Hoorn. The nursery now consists of 73,000 m2 of greenhouses.

Facts and figures

  • 4 generations
  • 2 brothers
  • 73,000 m2 of greenhouses
  • 170,000 plants per crop
  • 2,000,000 kg of sweet peppers per year
  • Nearly 100 years of experience